Fabienne Roijer


Fabienne Roijer joined the iSTAR Medical team as Human Resources Business Partner in February 2020 with more than 20 years of experience in large Pharmaceutical Companies.

Fabienne has a Masters in Commercial Sciences from the Ichec/ISC Brussels Management School. After beginning her career in clinical and financial operations, Fabienne’s curiosity combined with her willingness to step out of her comfort zone encouraged her to evolve and redirect her career to a more human-oriented path. Consequently, since 2007, Fabienne has held a variety of roles in complex matrix organizations such as UCB and GSK, where she has led high-profile, strategic, operational excellence and transformation programs in finance and resourcing strategy. These positions offered Fabienne the opportunity to develop extensive skills and experience in project and capacity management, forecasting as well as communication and talent acquisition/development. Fabienne graduated as an individual and professional coach in 2019 and as trainer-coach for organizations and teams in 2020. She also developed her expertise in Agile methods.

Fabienne is convinced that happy employees make more engaged, motivated and better performing employees. Today, her mission is to support the recruitment, engagement, development and retention of a high-performing and diverse workforce at iSTAR Medical, through strategic partnerships and collaborations. She also aims to develop a safe, healthy, and productive work environment to position iSTAR Medical as an employer of choice, a place where individual can maximize their potential.

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