The supraciliary space,
made safe and predictable

MINIject®S is iSTAR Medical’s revolutionary, supraciliary MIGS device.

The uveoscleral drainage pathway is known to lower IOP significantly1; The negative pressure gradient from the anterior chamber to the supraciliary space evacuates aqueous humor, unhindered by an episcleral venous pressure floor. MINIject®S now allows ophthalmic surgeons to harness this potential in a safe and predictable way. MINIject®S combines a smart way to access the supraciliary space with a uniquely designed, soft and flexible implant which has proven its long-term safety and sustained efficacy in lowering IOP2

Smart. Safe. Sustained.

Smart access

The advanced nitinol delivery sheath enables a smooth and predictable implantation.
It provides a direct view of the green ring on the MINIject implant, which signifies the correct implantation depth in the supraciliary space.

Safe implant

The MINIject® implant is made of soft, flexible and bio-integrating STAR® material.
Its unique, interconnecting network of hollow spheres enables a natural outflow of fluid along the implant into surrounding tissues.2

Sustained efficacy

Harnessing the power of the supraciliary space, MINIject®S is delivering a significant and sustained reduction of intraocular pressure (IOP). Clinical data reveal a 36% reduction in mean IOP at the three-year mark, with 42% of patients remaining medication-free.1

1 Preliminary results at 3 years. Pooled data for STAR-I, II, III trials on file.

2 Grierson I, Minckler D, Rippy MK, et al “A novel suprachoroidal microinvasive glaucoma implant: in vivo biocompatibility and biointegration.” BMC biomed eng 2, 10 (2020).

Designed for a more predictable procedure

To improve handling and storage, the secondary packaging has been reduced in size by


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