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iSTAR Medical company video

BVA Venture Company Award 2020

Ophthalmology Innovation Summit (OIS) Glaucoma Showcase

15th October 2020, Michel Vanbrabant

How Can We Leverage the Power of the Supraciliary Space?

7th May 2020, Dr I. Paul Singh

The MINIject Next Generation Supraciliary Device

7th May 2020, Dr Ike Ahmed

Results of STAR-I and STAR-II trials

7th May 2020, Prof. Philippe Denis & Prof. Julián García-Feijoó

Q&A and MINIject Next Steps

7th May 2020, Dr Ike Ahmed

Introduction to MINIject



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MINIject implant

MINIject implanted in suprachoroidal space

MINIject implant on a finger

MINIject®implanted in the supraciliary space
Image courtesy of Mr Chrys Dimitriou, Colchester Eye Center, Essex, UK

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